Let’s get your stress sorted; read this to the end carefully.


First ask yourself… “Why am I feeling stressed?”

You’ll answer along the lines of, “School, student behaviour, workload … pressures.”

And that’s logical.

You may even notice that you’re picturing particular classes, classrooms, or even individuals.

Unfortunately, if you continue to attribute your stress to purely ‘environmental’ factors, you will continue to shut yourself off from the only real chance of dealing with your stress effectively.

As hard as it is, you must come to recognise (like I painfully did) that in order to take action against the debilitating, sickness-inducing, career-crushing consequences of continual stress, you must see it for what it really is.

You must understand your stress as being a product of your REACTION to your environment.

This is your current daily routine:





And home, eat, sleep, repeat.

It’s not your fault however, there is hope, I went through all of it myself to the point of quitting teaching.

So stay with me.

If you’re sick of saying ‘enough is enough’ and you’re looking for the learning curve to get you out of this mess then you’re not here by chance.

You’re here for a reason.

You’re ready for guidance that works.

That’s why I’m writing to you now.

Hi. I’m Steve, glad you’ve here.



STEP 1. Recognise that your stress is coming from your current reaction to your environment.

  • It’s not you, it’s just a process, it’s a bad habit.

This leads us to…


There’s two things you can do now:

Change your environment
Change your reaction


Changing your environment seems the obvious solution… perhaps you just need:

  • a new school
  • different colleagues
  • new boss
  • different line manager
  • better-behaved classes
  • less paperwork
  • better commute
  • plus more cash?!

or just QUIT altogether and get a whole new career!

and YES, you can do that – by all means – especially if you’re:

  • super organised
  • can handle the financial repercussions
  • don’t mind starting over again
  • know exactly what you are going to do
  • can handle large change smoothly
  • have a ‘passion’ you can monetise instantly
  • plus, enjoy working 5 weeks over summer!

…then perhaps it really is your time to go!

BUT, if you’re anything like me (and remember I did actually quit) it seems like a hell of a waste to take something you already decided to do, trained for, built skills in, made a difference in, even loved some parts of …

and throw it all away?!

For an uncertain future?!

You know that show stall where you need to knock down the tin cans with a little ball, and you try and try, then the attendant comes along and does it in one throw?

You can do this; you just haven’t been shown how!

Haven’t all jobs got their immense pressures?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for you to get your stress sorted – and try turning the job you’re already doing into an art that gives you magnificent reward – with a brand new set of skills …


And then,

if it still sucks,

then yeah, time to split the infinitive and boldly go!

But in the meantime;


What are these new skills? How can you just, “change your reaction?”


You’re getting there.


This is where it gets real!

You can wish things get better, you can complain, you can even listen to meditation tapes, you can go on beach holidays and you can endlessly reorganise and reprioritise – and all these things help, somewhat.

Yet probably the single hardest thing to do… is the thing you actually need to do.

And if you don’t do it now, the window of opportunity closes and you’ll find yourself right back at the start again,

and again,

and again.

And you know how that feels…

But you’re here now, I wrote this page for you, and what’s more, all you need to do to get that stress sorted is here – once and for all.

And if you’re wondering, yes, I finally did get my stress under control and I have returned to teaching (in London UK).

Everything I learnt when I went through my stress-induced-career-malfunction I’ve put into a gift for you.

It’s called The Stress Free Classroom, and you’ll finally learn what it takes to eliminate stress, and remain cool, calm and collected; it’s stuff that 99% of teachers out there just don’t know.

And you can grab it right now by clicking here!

Full 50 minute audio program (listen in less time than an episode of Game of Thrones) and check out the added e-book with excersies.


It’s time to get this sorted.

  • Are you going to let stress hormones destroy your quality of life? (some studies even say prolonged cortisol production can lead to enhanced ‘toxic fat’ build up).
  • Are you going to let your students get the better of you?
  • Are you going to continue laying awake at night (especially Sundays) in dread?
  • Lose everything you worked so hard for??

Taking action today means that you may just see, feel and experience

  • staff compliment you for your communication skills
  • students coming to you for advice
  • you might even hear, “How do you stay so in control and confident?”
  • people asking, “How do you manage your class?”
  • a rush of knowing you are in total control even when students pull out their most “interesting” 😉 behaviour
  • a learning curve that will take you to the next level of your game no matter where you are

You’ll get all the most profound modern concepts – that most teacher’s are completely unaware of – to take you from stress to strength, in simple language, no matter what level you teach.

It’s easier than you think.

And you’ll be one of the very few actually in charge.

I’ll show you how.

Principle by principle. Strategy by strategy. Step by step.

I will give you simple step-by-step help to:

End the stress, anxiety and self-doubt that can not only ruin your day, but can end up ruining your career and spill over into the rest of your life – these things also DESTROY your ability to deal with behaviour effectively.

I will give you simple step-by-step help to:

Find the strength and confidence to manage your classroom elegantly without fear of failure no matter what challenging behaviour you face….

I will give you simple step-by-step help to:

Discover the kind of reward that you deserve from your teaching.

The audio program you can listen to anywhere, any when, on your commute, in the gym.

Try it right now, here I start the program by explaining what drove me to create it:

I’m a teacher just like you, to write and record this program cost me heavily in so many ways, and I understand you don’t want to go through all that.

I’ve made it so you literally learn as you listen, so you don’t need to go through that truly difficult time and huge expense, the hardest part for you is: making the time to listen, and applying the learning!

Then you wont have to pay the price I paid.

With my whole heart I encourage you to reward your search for answers, take a step further in your journey of healing – in this moment, this is the piece of the puzzle you’ve been looking for.

Go on, take Step 3 and finally take action on your stress today.

How much for a program like this? Some programs like this cost hundreds. But today, it’s not £100, not even £50. Now, for less than the price of a cinema ticket, you can be the star of your own comeback story – click the pictures – and please write to me anytime on TES (where you will be linked from here to download this experience)


To your strength and success. Steve.






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