Truth One:

How you currently react to pressure – in and out of class – is your COPING method.

When your stress hits, it is because you are reacting: searching for ideas and actions that will immediately COMFORT you.

Therefore, all your intentions are honourable and positive.

But if you have no better options, then you may be resorting to shouting; crying; going stone cold silent (my old favourite) pulling your hair out; getting rather angry; oversleeping; even drinking too much (no comment).

As you know, these reactive methods are COUNTER PRODUCTIVE.

You cannot get the RESULTS you want by continually reacting with the fight or flight response.

Despite your stiff-upper-lip and awesome sense of humour, you are still silently suffering; can you recognise the following teachers in your school?

Ms. Walking Explosive (fuse always lit)?
Mr. Burnt Out?
Miss Nervous Wreck?
Mr. Overwhelmed, Undervalued and Given Up? (Ok, Ok, that was me, me, me-me-me!)

… Who are you currently?
(Remember, these are just your coping methods!)

Truth Two:

Classroom management isn’t your biggest problem – STRESS is.

Do not dismiss the effects of any classroom stress you feel over a sustained period!
I’m sure you’ve heard that stress chemicals are the cause of a murderous array of health problems.
It’s a zombie!

The cortisol hormone your body releases during any stress devastates your ability to think and respond effectively, it also stays, eating away at your body for hours!

You’re just not going to be able to do anything successfully while you’re in a frustrated, stressed-out, eyebrow clenching, wrinkle forcing, anxious state – trying to manage bad behaviour and a ridiculous workload while even slightly stressed; it’s a prolonged Nightmare on Elm Street!

Truth Three:

Stress-free teaching is not the RESULT of great classroom management – great classroom management BEGINS with a stress-free teacher!

It doesn’t matter where you look. Managing classroom stress centres on getting a trillion things right – including the all-important task of behaviour management.

IF you sort all the following, THEN might you get to enjoy a stress-free lesson.
1. If you get your planning done thoroughly, get your lessons ready (and hand them in on time), then your stress will subside.
2. If you manage your time effectively then that will eliminate even more stress.
3. And of course, if your classes would finally behave you wouldn’t worry about stress at all.

We all know getting these things in order is the answer to your stress… right?


Truth Four:

Focusing on behaviour management to eliminate your stress is an endless, laborious and back to front task.

Improving class behaviour to solve your stress appears to be the obvious strategy.

But this kind of thinking actually creates stress!

You deserve to know that this is NEVER how it works.

The triggers for your stress are subtle.

They are much easier to fire off than a class of misbehaving students.

We MUST get real and deal with your stress FIRST.

Let’s do it the simple way.

Let’s take the stress OUT of your classroom management BEFORE you begin. Click here.

Stress-Free Teaching Is Not The Result Of Great Classroom Management – Great Classroom Management Begins With A Stress-Free Teacher.


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